1 Month To Go

I feel like I have been waiting all year to go. Now I am only a mere few weeks from embarking on my exchange to Sheffield, England. It will be a total of 143 days (or 20 weeks) living by myself in a different country. When I first applied for the exchange, almost a full year ago, I did it for the wrong reasons. I did it because I wanted to leave New Zealand and everything else behind. Say a big “See ya” and make a whole new life and (fingers crossed) come back a completely new person. But it’s different now. Things have been really good. I am excited to go for new reasons. I know now that when I come back I have a life and people to come back to. I’m excited to experience a new place, get into studying again (which I have really missed), do a bit of travelling around and make new friends, who can maybe one day meet my other ones too.

How does one prepare for something like this?

I’ve done ALL the research I possible can about Sheffield and the University I will be attending and by the amount of google mapping and street viewing I’ve done I feel like I’ve already been there. I have a long list of all the places I want to and will visit. But apart from that, when will reality set in that I am really going? Does sending voice memos to your mates imitating the UK Love Island accents count as preparation? Surely.

I am starting to get sneaky feelings of nervousness/excitement. I’m trying to make sure that I won’t be naive about what this experience will be like. It will be new and exciting but it’ll also be rough adapting to a different place and I know I will miss my family and home. Thinking about how I will cram 4 months worth of winter clothes into 2 suitcases scares me too. I’ll keep you updated how that goes aha.

How I’ll keep a record

I’ve been thinking about the best way to record my time overseas. I definitely want to do a one second a day video. But I also want to write and do longer bits of video. So I have decided to do weekly blog posts on here where I will write about my experiences and I’ll include pictures, doodles and video clips! All the medias in one! And bonus because then people who follow me on instagram won’t be bombarded with long captions and video edits! So If you want to keep up with what I’ll be up to while I’m overseas make sure to subscribe to this blog!

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