Gilmore Girls and Missing Home

Until a week ago I did not plan on going to Portugal (yay!) during my study abroad in, gets dark at 4pm, Sheffield. So my Mum, kindly, sent over some of my summer clothes. Underneath the well-worn dungarees and yellow shorts was a card bursting with colour and stuffed with tender words from her. Man I miss her.

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls here in my free time and it takes me back to the cold afternoons in my first year of high school when mum and I would watch it on DVD. I remember being careful when taking it out of it’s case and gingerly sliding it into the DVD slot knowing the next hour was sorted. Gilmore Girls was our thing. I related to Rory Gilmore, a bookish high schooler (with up to five hefty books in her backpack at all times) who has the tendency to ramble and a naivety about her. While Rory’s, like your best friend and slightly batty, mother, Lorelai Gilmore was my Mum.

Re-watching it now, 7 Years later and at the tail end of my time at university, I finally understand the 90s references! The ones about Trump make me laugh. I also see how much the fictional character of Rory has in some ways shaped me. Maybe I’ve unknowingly chosen to watch Gilmore girls while I’m here because it reminds me of home and my mother. It’s a comfort watch. It’s also endlessly fun watching the pair with their witty humour and coffee obsession in their charming small town of Stars Hollow. I’m counting down the days till I see my mum again, while also savouring the short time I have in this ever interesting part of the world.

If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls I highly recommend it! And if you have seen it I am Team Jess all the way.

Till next time,


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