Lisbon, Portugal

The result of going to Lisbon, Portugal was more or less like throwing a dart at a map and booking a flight. Seriously, the only requirements my American friend and I had for destinations were; 1. hotter than Sheffield, England (not hard) and 2. relatively cheap and thus after a maximum of 1 seconds of google searching we ended up with 5 day booked in this charismatic and vibrant European city.

Mini Lisbon bucket list (In order of must do’ness)

  • Try a Pastel De Nata (or 5)
  • Try some Ginjin
  • Visit a bookstore
  • Do a walking tour
  • Day trip to Sintra
  • Fiera de Ladra Flea Market (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

There was so much to do in this amazing city but honestly my favourite parts of the trip were the moments we took it slow. When we took our time at a beautiful look out, when I had a glass of orange juice while we watched the flea market bustle by and on our last day when we drank sangria while the sun went down over the waterfront.

Lisbon is a bucket list must do! and I already can’t wait to go back.

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