January 2020 Reading Wrap Up

I’ve surprisingly been keeping up my reading while traveling round Europe and while I’ll soon write about my experiences travelling – writing about books right now seems a little easier.

I’ve read 30 books since my last post about books. Don’t worry I don’t plan on yammering about all 30. Instead I’m going to talk about the books that stood out in my mind. Some being new all times favourites and one that I absolutely, intensely and wholeheartedly

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Dig by A.S King

Let’s start strong with a book that has snuck its way into my favourites list. That book being Dig by A.S King. Released this year, I got this book on kindle after seeing a YouTube video by booksbylala raving about this book. I was apprehensive, the plot seemed whack. But woah. I reveled in this story. A.S King’s writing is refreshing and commands your attention. If you like reading books with short sentences, doesn’t get lost in prose and has interesting characters, you will like this story. The less you know about the plot the better. So to keep it simple, Dig follows the stories of 4 different teenagers who are facing their own trials and through telling there stories A.S King is weaving in social commentary. I really dug this book (get it haha) and I’m looking forward to my next A.S King book – We are the Ants. If anyone wants to read it at the same time as me, let me know!

The Long Walk by Stephen King (under the psydoname Stephen Bachman)

I am a big fan of the podcast “booksunbound” and the plot of the Long Walk is mentioned and immediately it interested me. I’d say that this book is a Stephen King book for those of us who want to understand the hype about his books but aren’t a fan of horror/clowns/paranormal activitiy for whatever reasons. This book is more of a psychological dystopian. In The Long Walk 100 boys are competing in a walk to see who can last the longest, if they stop or if they slow down they will be shot. The last one alive wins. I will say it is kind of a slow read, a little bit gruesome but overall I’m proud to have finished it! I now understand what makes Stephen Kings writing special. It also left me thinking about it for weeks after, which not a lot of books can do.

Giant days V1 & V2 by John Allison

Thrilled is what I was upon discovering that this graphic novel series is set at the University I am attending while on study abroad! It’s about 3 young women at Sheffield university forming a friendship and all the hilarious and cringe things that happen to them while at university. I don’t feel like there are a lot of books that are solely about female friendship at university and definitely not of 3 wildly different people. This series has been a delight to begin and I want to treat myself to buying a book from this series every two months or something. There are so many in the series and owning the whole collection would be so mean.

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In the woods by Tana French


This book is the first book in the Dublin Murder Squad series. It follows main character Detective Rob and his partner Cassie as they try to unravel the truth about the death of a young girl in Ireland. The process of the investigation and the toll it had on the characters felt very realistic (I say this as a human not associated with the police and it’s activities at all). The two man characters also had such captivating personalities. Both flawed and felt real. About 30% of the way in it was a bit slow. But then it all kicks off and the last half of the book just flew by. So if you start getting bored like I did- just push through! Trust me, it’s worth it. The writing was descriptive which added effect but didn’t derail the reading experience away from the plot and the rhythm was also solid. This is a series that I am excited to carry on reading, especially since the next book In the series is from the POV of the female investigator, Cassie and she goes undercover at a university. Sounds a bit JumpStreet 22 but from the first book I doubt it’ll be anything like it haha.

Scott Pilgrim V1-V5 by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Have you seen the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe” with John Cera? (I always say John Cena when talking about him which is hilarious, that is a whole other dude) I bet you didn’t even know it was based of a comic series! Or maybe you did and I am alone in my sudden discovery?? Anyways the series is really enjoyable. It boasts a wide range of characters and super fun art style. The storyline is a boisterous tale of 23 yr old Scott pilgrim while, he plays in a band, gets the girl, defeats her evil ex’s and all that goes along with it. I’m holding off on reading the last volume – Volume 6. Simply because I don’t want to end the series just yet, it’s just like keeping the last bit of chocolate for later.

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a lil story about the book:
While I was in Amsterdam we kept going back to this bookstore “the American book centre” and in the graphic novel section was the Scott Pilgrim series and every time we went back I would lovingly caress the first book and was so close to buying it. But my suitcase was already full so alas I’ll have to buy it online back in kiwi land.

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

I got this hellish book because I adored Sally Rooney’s 2019 release “Normal people” . But this Book?? Ahhh. Where do I begin? The main character is void of personality, she is also self aware of that which makes it worse, like come on pick up some new hobbies. Such unlikable, predictable and pretentious characters! The only thing that kept me from quitting the book was Sally Rooney’s writing style, her writing makes reading breezy and quick. In normal people she definitely toned down on the pretentious language and created two much more likeable characters.

And to finish on a positive note!
My favourite book I’ve read recently

Brave New Girl by Louisa Luna

Authentic, heartbreaking, funny and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Brave New Girl is the story of 14 year old Doreen. Her only friend is Ted, she is obsessed with The Pixies, wary of her peers and always has an opinion. Her remarks made me laugh out loud, her sarcasm is hilarious “Hey, could you keep it down, says the snotty register guy who is so alternative, I’m surprised he can live on the same planet as the rest of us.”. While this book is funny, it’s also deals with heavy topics. A remarkable coming of age story I won’t soon forget. If you liked perks of being a wallflower, you will love this book.

That’s all folks. Let me me know in the comments if you pick any of these ones up.