Face Silk Review

Facesilk is a reusable make-up removing pad. I bought Facesilk after buying the knock of version (Face Angel). I liked the concept of using reusable pads instead of wipes but just not the execution of Face Angel. Facesilk does what it promises. It removed all my make up (mascara, eyebrow jel, foundation) using only water. It’s made of a soft durable microfibre material and is boasted on it’s website to last 200 washes per pad.


In the FaceSilk pack you get 4 pads for the price of $40NZD (on sale currrently). $40 is pretty pricy but when you think about how much you may currently spend a month on make-up wipes or micellar water, the price is reasonable.

5/5 product.

Head over to the website FACESILK to check it out and see Video Reviews.

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